Does it feel like you've invested all of your time, money, and energy into a dream that has yet to become a reality?


Are you ready to embrace your purpose, live your vision, and expand your reach in a sustainable and nurturing way?


Do you feel like you are a naturally gifted healer, teacher, or coach but struggle with some of the 3rd-dimensional elements of running a successful business?


Are you tired of feeling overextended and/or undervalued and are ready to be highly appreciated and compensated?


We know how you feel. We’ve been there ourselves. For the past decade, we have both been running our own wellness businesses and have had our fair share of challenges, especially in the first few years.

After working with multiple coaches and trying every strategy under the sun, we finally discovered a process that allowed each of our individual businesses to increase their positive impact and reach in a more abundant and sustainable way.

Today we can both confidently say that it feels so deeply rewarding to be earning a fruitful income while living on purpose. So much so that For the past five years we have been passionately sharing our process and heart-centered strategies with a select number of colleagues, clients, and students. Their results have been so astonishing that we now feel deeply called to share this with everyone.





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Our biggest intention and mission is to help you live in alignment with your soul’s purpose while creating a healthy and sustainable income!

We have witnessed too many amazingly gifted healers, teachers and coaches struggle to get by or over-work themselves into burnout just to barely make enough to live. We know firsthand what that feels like and wouldn’t wish it on anybody. 
With our combined two decades of experience, we are here to help you save time and money by avoiding the same mistakes that we made. You don’t have to do this on your own!

Let us support you in creating your own path to success and freedom! ​


Ground and Grow your Sacred Platform is a comprehensive five-month program designed to help your wellness business thrive with more ease and grace. 

We will help you take all of your big ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. 

Through our proven methods and process you will learn how to incorporate heart-centered structure and strategies coupled with conscious marketing and sales into your newly created or already established practice or business.

Whether you are in the early stages of creation or looking to transform and expand your platform this program is for you!


In this program, we will not only help you…


But also…

We will mentor, coach, and hold your hand through every step of your first launch!

Are you ready to give up the grind of trading long hours for a few dollars?

Are you ready to see actual results from all of your marketing and promotional efforts? 

Are you ready to create sustainable success through offering innovative transformational programs?





Or set up a free discovery call to see if this is right for you


Ground and Grow your Sacred Platform will support you in creating:


Join us on this transformational and empowering journey and get ready to embody your purpose, experience prosperity, and feel more fulfillment than you could ever imagine.


Ground and Grow your Sacred Platform will run:

September 9th 2021 – February 10th 2022

This program includes:


Retail price = $4400

Special Early Bird Discount = $2997 (*If registered by Aug 19th, 2021)

Payment plans are welcome! In special circumstances, payment plans can exceed the length of the program if needed.

Program Modules:

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Phase 1: Grounding Your Vision


Module 1: Consolidating Your Vision, Clarifying Your Message and Embracing Your Purpose

Module 2: Understanding Your Value and Who Your Ideal Clients/Students Are

Module 3: Structuring Your Platform & Creating First Floor Offerings 

Module 4: Creating Your Second Floor Offerings 

Module 5: Clearing Your Success Blocks

Module 6: Optimizing Your Time and Money Management


Phase 2: Expanding Your Reach


Module 7: Generating Leads Through Free Content

Module 8: Email Marketing

Module 9: Social Media Marketing

Module 10: Affiliate & Referral Marketing, Customer Loyalty Marketing & Guesting

Module 11: Selling From The Heart

Module 12: 1 on 1 Program Launch Strategy and Plan

Module 13: Paid Advertising

Module 14: Writing Copy that Converts

Module 15: Designing Your Website/Landing Page

Module 16: Group Program Launch Strategy 1 

Module 17: Group Program Launch Strategy 2 

Module 18: Deciding Which Strategy is Right for You & Planning Your Launch Checklist

By the end of module 18, you will be ready to begin launching your signature group program.


Phase 3: Launching Your Platform


Module 19: Group coaching, mentorship, support with your launch

Module 20: Group coaching, mentorship, support with your launch

Module 21: Group coaching, mentorship, support with your launch

Module 22: Group coaching, mentorship, support with your launch

Shortly after completing this course, you will begin running your potentially sold-out signature program


Meet Your Sacred Platform Strategists:


Michael Eisen is a passionate, authentic, grounded and heart-centered inspirational speaker, author, conscious entrepreneur, and business coach. He is the Founder of the Youth Wellness Network and the Author of the book Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living published by Hay House. 

He has spoken at Hay House’s “I Can Do It” conferences and shared the stage with the likes of Wayne Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson and Kris Car. Michael was personally mentored by Louise Hay in 2011 and has been a vessel of her message since, for youth worldwide. 

Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from McGill University (the Harvard of the North)and has been a contributor for the Huffington Post, Positively Positive, The Daily Love, and Mind Body Green.

In 2015 after running his own 6 figure wellness business for 5 years Michael discovered his second passion for helping other wellness entrepreneurs create and expand their wellness businesses. He specializes in helping ‘creatives’ ground their ideas with simple structure and strategy and expand their impact and reach with a powerful and heart-centered approach to marketing and sales.


Michael has helped hundreds of healers, teachers, coaches, and speakers achieve their goals and actualize their dreams in an easier way than they ever thought possible. 

Michael is on a mission to help empower the lightworkers of the world to move from surviving to thriving. 

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife Hillary Faye in nature or on the beach!


Hillary Faye is a down to earth spiritual teacher whose passion for empowering others to fall in love with themselves and live a purpose-filled and abundant life overflows onto all she meets. 

Hillary is a wellness entrepreneur who studied business and marketing in university and was raised by a serial entrepreneur. She loves bridging business, sales, and marketing with 5th-dimensional heart-centered consciousness. Hillary is here to help you transform your life and business through the power of love. 

She has launched countless successful programs and trainings and has certified over a thousand yoga teachers, meditation teachers, reiki masters, energy healers, and intuitive coaches. 

She is the creator and lead facilitator of the Awaken Love Registered Yoga School and the co-creator of Mansion of the Heart University (MU) with her partner and dearest friend Sat Devbir. 


Hillary and Michael have been married for 6 years and are the co-creators of the Ground and Grow your Sacred Platform Program. Hillary is excited to share her 12 + years of experience in business and marketing as a spiritual teacher, teacher trainer and wellness entrepreneur with you!


Retail price = $4400


Special Early Bird Discount = $2997 (*If registered by Aug 19th, 2021)


Payment plans are welcome! In special circumstances, payment plans can exceed the length of the program if needed.


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Because we make such accessible payment plans we have a strict no refunds policy but do offer credit on future programming or services when applicable